Meeting local need

School gates

Church Lawton School has been established due to a recognised local need for specialist provision catering for children and young people with autism in the area (as supported by research).

The school has been welcomed by the local authorities in Cheshire East and the surrounding areas because it provides a specialist education for children who have not found appropriate education within a reasonable distance of their home.

The NAS Academies Trust has been working in collaboration with Cheshire East to address gaps in local provision. The school provides additional specialist provision within Cheshire East and reduces the chances of young people being placed in a school a long way from home. 

On a national level, one in five children with autism has been excluded from mainstream school – 67% of these have been excluded more than once. It is acknowledged (through similar school settings) that with a more appropriate environment, resources, peer groups and specialist expertise, this figure will be significantly reduced.

Over 40% of parents of children and young people with autism report that their children have been bullied at school. This number rises to 59% when the figure includes children and young people with autism and Asperger syndrome.