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Our learning environment

Our school is on the site of the original village school in Church Lawton, but in 2015 we opened with brand-new, purpose-built buildings. We designed our school to be the perfect place for children with autism to learn: it is light, spacious and quiet and this makes it easy for us all to work together.

Our primary, secondary, and sixth form classes are in distinct areas of the school so that while we are part of one community, each age group has its own space.

Our dining room has individual and open seating areas. From September 2015, our catering kitchen will serve fresh home-cooked meals to all pupils.

Our hall is light and airy and has changing rooms and showers: we come together here for assembly, indoor PE and gym.

There are separate outside areas for primary, secondary and sixth form students, and we are developing our school field for everyone to use. Our school is securely fenced all round but feels spacious and has a country atmosphere as we have fields and open country around us.

Our classrooms

Our classrooms are large and open, with plenty of light. As our average class size is six pupils, we never feel crowded. We balance our pleasure in displaying our work with our children’s preference for a low-stimulation environment, and our classes feel friendly and welcoming.

Every classroom has its own individual learning area for times when a child needs some time apart to learn, and all open onto a secure and safe outside area.

Specialist classrooms

As our children move into secondary, they will begin to use our specialist classrooms: we have well-resourced music, art, design and technology, science and food technology rooms.

Our sixth formers will not only have their own classroom but also a common room in which to relax and socialise.

We have a learning centre for children with more complex needs. It has two classrooms, each with two individual learning rooms. The learning centre has its own outside area that opens off the classrooms.

“I like our school because it is bigger and has more space.” - Alice

Our outdoor environment

Our brand new playground equipment in both our primary and secondary play areas offers an enhanced learning environment to all our pupils. The variety of facilities benefit the students’ learning experience by helping improve motor skills, encouraging healthier lifestyles and providing a safe and secure place for our pupils to enjoy playing outside with their peers. As their confidence grows, we expect them to feel comfortable integrating into the community and accessing local facilities.

Big Lottery FundWe were lucky enough to receive funding from the Big Lottery Fund, so that we could develop this extensive playground environment.