Anderson School in Chigwell will be a secondary school and sixth form on the Enterprise Campus. It will educate and prepare young autistic people from Essex and surrounding areas for meaningful and active working lives. 

At the heart of the curriculum will be practical skills for work and life, for example, emotional resilience, using public transport or preparing for interviews. 

We will also strive for academic excellence and aim for students to achieve academic progress in line with other young people their age. To support this we will teach traditional core subjects such as English, Maths and Science alongside other academic and vocational subjects pupils are interested in.

Three pathways

Our curriculum will include the key stages of the national curriculum as well as traditional vocational and academic qualifications such as BTEC, GCSE and A Levels. These will be adapted for each child according to their abilities and preferred way of working. 

Once a baseline assessment has taken place, a personalised route will be designed specifically for the student, taking into account the aspirations of the young person and their family and possible future employment opportunities. 

There will be three main pathways they can follow: 

  • further education 
  • vocational
  • life skills.

The ratio of academic, life skills and work-related learning will vary depending on the needs, aspirations and pathway the student follows. Where appropriate, students may be able to take some classes at mainstream schools and we can provide training and consultancy support for mainstream teachers in understanding autism.