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The Anderson School is a purpose-built autism specific school enabling students aged 11 - 19 to learn, explore and thrive in an environment conducive to their needs. Our unique focus centres on preparing young people for later life and future employment or training.

We've run autism-specific schools for over 50 years and continue to innovate all the time; we now have a thriving employment offer too, helping 1,000 employers last year to understand autism better. This is why, together with long-term supporter, The Anderson Foundation, we combined our two areas of expertise in this pioneering school for autistic young people.

Only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time employment, though 77% of autistic adults want to work - many have skills and talents that are currently underused. That is why we decided to focus on vital skills for employment in our school. We work with local partners to develop social enterprises on the campus, offering hands-on practical experience of work for young adults.

The wellbeing of autistic children and young people is at the heart of every design decision we make. From small class sizes to purpose-built calm rooms, sensory and therapy rooms, we make adjustments to each student's environment to help them reach their full potential. This is complemented by an individual, personalised curriculum tailored to their skills and ambitions for the future.

Building emotional resilience through our social understanding curriculum, completing A-levels or engaging in social enterprise projects or work placements are all examples of the kinds of achievements our students make in their time with us.

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