Henry is covering for Helena when she is on maternity leave, many of you will already know him from his role as Area Policy and Participation Officer for SW… 

Why did you come and work for the NAS?
I came to work for NAS as Area Policy and Participation Officer for the South West as I have some personal experience with autism. My little brother is on the spectrum and, like so many, had a pretty tough time of it growing up. I saw my job as an opportunity to fight for much needed improvements to schools and services across the region, as well as a chance to improve public understanding of autism so that we’re all a bit more accepting.

In your previous role you have experienced working with branches, what did you enjoy the most?

I’ve worked really closely with many branches in my 3 and a bit years at NAS, so it’s too hard to pick a favourite memory; campaign wins in Bristol and Somerset, hustings events in South Gloucestershire, Swindon and Plymouth, Autism Hour in Cornwall, Day of Action in Bath – there’s too many events to choose from. Since I started working at the charity, I’ve always been impressed with how much time and energy volunteers give to the cause – all of these events were made better, more energetic, more engaging and more far-reaching with the support of Branch volunteers.
What are you looking forward to most in your new role as Branch and Community Engagement Manager?

I live for this kind of energy and engagement, so I’m really looking forward to my new role as Branch and Community Engagement Manager. I think of this as an expansion of my patch – from South West, to the entire UK (next stop, the world!). I’m looking forward to hearing more about the amazing work that Branches are doing all over the country and supporting the entire branch network to reach more people, raise more money and to keep improving the lives of all those that you support. Bring it on!