Our branches in Northern Ireland are all run by volunteers and exist to offer support to local autistic people and their families.

If there is no National Autistic Society branch in your area, one of our partner organisations may be able to help you. If you live outside the UK, please consult our list of other national autism associations and societies.

All our local branches are run by volunteers: please be aware that it may not be possible for your call or email to be answered straight away.

How to start your own branch

If there is not a local branch in your area, you may decide to start your own. People choose to start a National Autistic Society branch for all sorts of reasons. They might want to bring together autistic people and their families in their local area, work with other people to improve local services or provide information and support. Every branch is different - some are parent support groups, some offer activities and events whereas other focus on campaigning for change.

For more information about starting a National Autistic Society branch, email branchservices@nas.org.uk.