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Meet Nathan*, an autistic adult who is currently a resident of Pinecroft, a National Autistic Society residential home which seeks to provide stability, autism expertise and the right support to individuals at a difficult time in their life and then prepare them for less intensive support. Nathan is a well-spoken man who enjoys spending time with like-minded people, but can often feel overwhelmed in certain environments.

Nathan was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 43. He has struggled with his mental health over the years (he has received several different diagnoses in the past, including bipolar affective and borderline personality disorder) and has spent time in hospital.

Through the support he received at Pinecroft, Nathan was able to gain insight into his autism diagnosis as well as his mental health issues. Since joining our services, his confidence has increased considerably. He also has been developing new skills, including shopping, budgeting and personal presentation.

In particular, Nathan has been brushing up on his cooking and baking skills. Through the help of a weekly menu plan sheet, he has been preparing a variety of healthy meals and now self-caters with very little support. This is a huge improvement in comparison to his initial diet, consisting only of microwave meals and cuppa soups with white bread.

Since moving to Pinecroft, Nathan has discovered a love of nature and going to garden centres. He also enjoys visits to coffee shops, pubs and music events. He has become something of a cinema enthusiast and even went to see Star Wars twice!

The structure and support put in place has helped Nathan to live a more independent life. He receives dedicated one to one time each week, in which he is able to explore events and activities of interest in a non-pressured environment. The support is tailored to match Nathan's specific needs, with a focus on health and well-being.

We are really pleased with Nathan's progress since joining our service. We hope that, through the continued support of our staff, he can continue to grow in confidence and independence, enabling him to live the life he chooses.

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*Nathan is a pseudonym