Woman sitting on a sofa with two children
This unprecedented period of change and disruption is very difficult for many autistic people and families. We have created some tips that we hope will help you. Remember it’s not forever and there are lots of things you can do that may make things easier.

We have created some handy tips to help you during this time of uncertainty.

Top tips for autistic adults

Step 1: Give yourself time to absorb and process each piece of news; try only check the news at a few set points a day to stop yourself becoming overwhelmed

Step 2: Create a new schedule for yourself – include time for eating, resting and fun 

Step 3: Let people know how you would like to stay in contact during the lock down and your preferred method of communication

Please download the full list here

Top tips for families

Step 1: Support your autistic family member to understand the changes

Step 2: Put in structure, support and new routines to manage anxiety

Step 3: Focus on activities and learning to keep things positive

Please download the full list here