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Camden Road is home to 12 young autistic adults. Our expert support and structured environments enable them to develop their skills, confidence and independence and to live full lives in our community.

Environment and facilities

Camden Road is a large detached property divided into two houses. It is in the suburbs of Leicester, only 3.5 miles from the city centre, with excellent travel links and a very wide range of local amenities. There are shops nearby, a library, colleges, leisure centres, cinemas, museums and galleries. There is a park behind the house, Charnwood forest is six miles away, and the National Forest 10 miles away. We also visit local stables for horse riding and it's an easy walk to the local pub and cafes.

Every person who lives at Camden Road has their own bedroom, which we encourage them to personalise with their own furniture, belongings and colour schemes. The whole property is carefully designed to be comfortable for people with autism: the size of the rooms means that we are not overcrowded, nor over-stimulated. Some bedrooms are ensuite, and there are also communal bathrooms. Each house has a communal lounge, kitchens and dining room. The houses also share a number of sensory rooms.

Each house has a large garden with furniture, swings and lawns, and we also maintain an allotment next to the houses.

Leisure and learning activities

We encourage the people living at Camden Road to take part in a range of activities to help them develop their skills, confidence and independence. Every person follows their own programme, designed to meet their particular needs and interests.

At Camden Road itself we do art and craft, music and cooking as well as developing daily living skills such as shopping, cleaning, domestic skills and personal care. We also use the NAS day and education services in Leicester. This means that the people we support have access to an extremely wide range of activities and educational opportunities.

Person-centred support

Each person at Camden Road has their own programme of activities and support, which we develop with them and their support network to ensure that they are pursuing their own goals and interests. We place a great deal of importance on helping people to make their own decisions and to become more independent.

Our team

Our staff are all experienced and qualified in supporting autistic people and those with learning difficulties. We have a baseline ratio of 2.5 staff to each autistic person, enabling us to provide full care support and deliver individual support programmes.

We use well established strategies such as TEACCH, PECS, Makaton and Signalong to enable the people we support to communicate and participate fully.

How to access our support

Places in our residential homes are usually funded directly by your local authority although other funding sources may sometimes be available. For more information, visit our access page.

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