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Our supported living service enables autistic adults to live full and independent lives in the community, making the most of the opportunities that the city of Leicester has to offer.

Environment and facilities

Our supported living service provides high-quality accommodation in a number of attractive small properties within Leicester. All are on main bus routes in the heart of thriving communities with which we have excellent links.

Each person living in our supported living service has their own bedroom, which we encourage them to decorate and personalise.

Leisure and learning activities

Each person at our supported living service develops their own timetable of activities. We encourage them to pursue evening and leisure interests and to use local community facilities, and we give them the support they need to do this. People who live in our supported living service grow in confidence, develop the ability to integrate socially and enjoy enhanced skills and independence in all areas of their lives.

We enable people to explore a wide range of activities, including:

  • swimming and sport
  • dancing
  • horse riding
  • learning and education
  • voluntary and paid work
  • social events.

We also help each person to develop independent living skills: as well as learning to cook, clean and run a household, they receive their own benefits, and we encourage them to budget for their day-to-day living costs.

Person-centred support

Each person living in our supported living service is supported by a highly-trained keyworker, with whom they develop their own programme of activity and support. This is tailored to their specific needs, interests and goals. Our aim is to enable each person to develop their interests and skills and to become more confident in their everyday lives.

How to access our support

Support in your home can be paid for through a number of funding streams. Visit our benefits and care page for more information.

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