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Our assessment unit is part of our residential service, and enables us to work closely with one individual.

Like all services working with people with complex needs, we recognise that placements can break down: our assessment unit helps ensure that people are correctly placed, and well prepared for their placement.

Other services I have worked at don't have this facility, I think it's great. It is comfortable and homely and offers real independence from the main service without isolation, so it can be used to assess compatibility and provide a pathway into the appropriate service for the individual.

Prisca Chingwaro, NAS team

People may come to the assessment unit:

  • to prepare for transition into Prospect House
  • for assessment of their ability to live with other people
  • for detailed assessment where we need to establish if they are suitable for a placement, or are willing to engage with the service.

People also come to the assessment unit to work with us in preparation for moving on elsewhere. They will leave the unit with a detailed assessment (including psychology report, sensory profile, initial communication profile and behaviour support plan, and initial care plan and risk assessments) which will enable staff in their new placement to support them effectively.

The assessment unit is within the building of Prospect House, but the person using it can live separately to the main residential group. The unit consists of a sleeping area, a kitchenette and an en-suite shower room. The individuals who access this service have a diagnosis of autism, functioning at the more able end of the spectrum and include those who are, or have been, detained under the Mental Health Act.

Person-centred approach

At Prospect House, each person is treated as an individual and our support aims to give people control over their life. We place them at the centre of everything we do, promoting self-confidence and independence. Each person works closely with us to develop their care and support plan and to make sure that it lives up to their expectations. Our approach can transform people’s lives.

Our team

Our staff are trained, qualified and experienced in working with people with autism. We are sensitive, professional and highly-motivated, and we understand the variety of challenges that may face someone living with autism. We use a range of approaches including the NAS SPELL framework and TEACCH to provide structure and a means of clear communication. We also seek regular feedback from people who use our service so that we can continue to develop and improve.

How to access our support

Places in our residential homes are usually funded directly by your local authority although other funding sources may sometimes be available. For more information, visit our access page.