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Our outreach service helps autistic adults and young people who live in the community. We tailor it to each person’s needs to enable them to live as selfsufficiently as possible. Our programmes give people the chance to build their confidence and to become more independent in many settings and all aspects of life.

We also work with people who live in non-autism specific residential services.

The support we offer

We sit down with each person and discuss what they need, want and aspire to. Then together we create a package to suit them. Programmes may be long term or short term depending on what people need.

Autistic people with autism often need help with structure and communication so we use specialist approaches such as SPELL and TEACCH to provide this.

Below we list some of the ways we can help. We are always open to new ideas.

The activities and support we offer:

  • Goal setting
  • General issues relating to autism or Asperger syndrome
  • Strategies to keep safe
  • Maintaining relationships with family and friends
  • Developing social skills, using the NAS Socialeyes resource pack
  • Work, work experience and volunteering
  • Attending college and university
  • Developing independent living skills
  • Transition to independent living
  • Respite for families, including at weekends and evenings
  • Using public transport
  • Taking part in the community
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Living healthily, using healthcare and leisure facilities.



Person-centred approach

Our service gives people the opportunity to take charge of their lives. They are at the centre of our planning process: we work closely with them as they create their individual programme and put it into practice. Our experience enables us to communicate with people with autism and to help them to express what they want so that they can grow and thrive. We also ensure that family, carers, friends and staff are full partners in the planning process.

Staff support me with all of my daily living skills and also motivate me towards a more independent life.

Person we support

Our team

Our staff have a range of specialisms and knowledge so we can offer the right support to each person with autism. All our staff receive autism-specific training, which they build upon throughout their career, and take a person-centred approach, putting the person with autism at the core of their work.

How to access our support

You can pay for our one-to-one support in a number of ways. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.

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