Our Homes

Located in the port city of Plymouth this brand new supported living service is spacious and modern and has lovely views overlooking the city.

Our focus is providing person centred support to enhance independence. We are experienced with supporting across the wider autistic spectrum.

Care categories:
Autistic Spectrum Disorder and associated learning disabilities.
Type of service: Adults- Supported Living
Number of people living in the service: 3 
Places available: 2 (sharing with 2 ladies and 1 gentleman)
Age range of people in the service: 22-34

Staffing ratio and provided care

We provide 24 hour person centred support with a staff ratio of 1:2, 1:3 shared ratio and additional 1:1 hours where required. We have night staff support within the service.

Our staff undertake a comprehensive autism induction including positive behaviour support and communication and provide a low arousal environment.

Our guidance, advice, information, and practical support are there to help the people we support work towards an independent life.

Staff help people develop social and domestic skills.Everyone self caters including cooking and shopping with support where required.

Each person puts together their own individual plan with staff who know them well to include their ambitions and enabling them to achieve their goals.

Service facilities

This is a large three story property with entry to the middle floor which has a beautiful stain glass window. There is a communal garden at the rear of the property and a small front garden with a gate.

There is a large lounge with a projector for gaming and films. The house has WIFI throughout with a booster for great coverage.

Although there are no en-suites the property has a toilet on each floor, two shower rooms and a bathroom.

The kitchen hosts two cookers which allows for multiple meal preparation at once.

The NAS has been supporting me for over 3 years, with their help I have been able to overcome stressful situations that stop me progressing in life, such as moving house. The NAS also help me maintain an independent life.

A person we support

Community facilities

Across the road there is a park with sea views. There is a supermarket at the end of the road and a major bus route into town or a ten minute walk if preferred.

The house is five minutes from Mutley Plain which has pubs, takeaways, cafes, shops, a pharmacy and a hairdressers. There are also social groups and churches locally.

Dartmoor National Trust and the countryside, beaches and seaside of Cornwall are within a thirty minute drive. There are also the local Devon beaches to be enjoyed.

Placement suitability

The individual would need to have a diagnosis of autism and be aged 18+.

The house is large so offers space to relax away from peers. Everything is accessible on the first floor except the garden therefore if mobility is a challenge the person would have full access to everything within the house without needing to use the stairs.