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We have developed a range of community services that tailor support to meet individual needs and aspirations.

By providing appropriate and timely support to people with autism living in Gloucestershire, Avon, Bath and North East Somerset, we aim to improve people's quality of life by enabling people to access mainstream services in their local community with the support of highly trained outreach professionals.

The support we offer

One-to-one support includes:

  • assessment by a team of experienced therapists, who will identify the interventions and support which people could most benefit from
  • detailed, autism-specific assessment of need in the areas of language and communication, behavioural difficulties, personal strengths and abilities, general health and fitness, and recreation and leisure interests
  • person-centred support programmes based on our assessment and people's own strengths, needs and aspirations
  • flexible, needs-led professional and specialist support.

Person-centred approach

We encourage people to take charge of their lives, and each person we work with is at the centre of their own planning process. We sit down with them and discuss what they need, want and aspire to, and together we create a tailored package to suit them.

We continue to work closely with them and the important people in their lives as we put their plan into practice, and as we review and revise their plan to reflect changes in their life.

Our team

Our staff have a range of skills and knowledge so we can offer the right help to each person with autism. All our staff receive autism-specific training, which they build upon throughout their career. We understand the variety of challenges that may face someone living with autism, and we use a range of approaches including
the NAS SPELL framework and TEACCH to provide structure and a means of clear communication.

How to access our support

You can pay for our one-to-one support in a number of ways. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.