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Dr Sarah Lister-Brook, Clinical Director of the National Autistic Society and the Lorna Wing Centres, joined Jane Garvey of Women's Hour for an informative discussion on diagnosis.   

The discussion was aimed at parents of autistic children - offering tips on how best to navigate the diagnostic process and how to support an autistic child. Dr Lister-Brook and Jane Garvey were joined by Emma Gill, who is a lawyer and a mother to an autistic daughter. The group specifically addressed the topic of autistic girls, and why women and girls may face barriers when it comes to getting a diagnosis. 

Dr Lister-Brook said:

Parents do have to be persistent and they do have to talk to professionals…at an emotional cost sometimes. But we also need to put the onus on professionals to listen, because parents are experts on their own children.

Listen to Dr Lister-Brook here