Our befrienders spend a few hours once a week or fortnight socialising with people in the home or out and about, doing activities like going to the cinema, walking or playing computer games.

We also have e-befrienders, who socialise by exchanging emails instead, chatting about things of interest.

We match befrienders and e-befrienders based on shared interests. We can also try and match people with someone of a similar age, which we call buddying.

Siblings, parents and carers of people with autism can also apply for a befriender or e-befriender.

Befriending is suitable for those aged 5+.

Who are the befrienders?

We look for people who are trustworthy, friendly, reliable, willing to learn and sensitive to the needs of others. We provide all our befrienders with a full induction and training. Find out about becoming a befriender here.

Apply for a befriender

To find out about befriending opportunities near you, please contact your local scheme here.