For children or education enquiries please complete our children online form

We welcome enquiries from autistic people, parents, carers, social workers and other professionals who would like to know more about the support we can offer to autistic people, and our referral process. Our referral co-ordinator can also tell you about current placements available.

All referrals to our adult services should come from the budget holder or broker who will be funding the provision.   

Criteria for referral

Our adult services are for people who:

  • are 18 years of age and over
  • have a diagnosis of autism or Asperger syndrome.

Referral process

Our referral process has five stages: enquiry, referral, assessment, contract and commencement.


Please contact us to ask for a referral form, which we can send via post, email or fax. We ask you to complete the form and return it to us.

Please note that the funder needs to complete the referral form. 


Once you have returned the completed referral form to us, the relevant service manager will review it. The person who manages the service will then contact you to talk about your requirements and possibly arrange a visit.

If an adult meets our referral criteria and we think they can benefit from our support, we will arrange an assessment.  


We carry out an assessment to make sure that we can meet a person's needs. Our specialist staff arrange to meet the person and as many people involved in their support as possible.

The assessment looks at a range of health and social needs, as set out in Department of Health guidance, and all information is treated confidentially. There is no charge for the assessment. If we believe we can meet those needs, we will make the offer of a place, in writing, to the funder. 


When the funder confirms they will be accepting our offer, we send out a formal contract.

We also create a transition plan and a care plan for the person who we will be providing support to. 


Once we receive a signed contract, the transition process begins. This is managed by a senior member of staff at the service to make sure the support package is well-planned and managed. 

We cannot start this process until the funder has returned the signed contract.