A flexible learning programme aimed at school staff working with pupils on the autism spectrum in both teaching and support services.

Canterbury Christ Church Unviersity 

Course summary

A three day programme leading to a Certificate in Understanding Autism (accredited at 20 credits at level 4 or 5 by Canterbury Christ Church University).

The course aims to:

  • explore the key characteristics of autism, i.e. social communication, social relationships and restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and how these impact on pupils’ learning. Participants will also be introduced to theories that explain areas of difference and pupils’ learning style
  • introduce the history and development of thinking around the condition and foster discussion and reflection on current views of autism
  • introduce participants to the National Autistic Society SPELL framework and encourage participants to examine their own practice in relation to levels of structure, positive approaches and expectations, empathy, low-arousal approaches and links between services, carers and the person
  • discuss stress and anxiety in autism and explore the principal approaches and strategies aimed at supporting young people in distress
  • explore sensory processing differences, the impact of those and how to support students on the autism spectrum.

Delegates can enrol at either Level 4 or Level 5

For Level 4, the entry qualifications are:

  • Level 3 qualification, A Level, or NVQ3
  • Supporting letter by their Head Teacher

For Level 5, delegates will need to have completed their Teaching degree.

Further information

Please email training.enquiries@nas.org.uk to make an enquiry, a booking or to amend an existing booking.

Or call 030 0303 4313.

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