Our employment team can work with your organisation to develop bespoke packages to support you to work with autistic job seekers, recruit and retain staff or build awareness of autism in your wider workplace.

The solutions package may be made up of some or all of the following:

  • recruitment training – specialist training on how to recruit an autistic person, including reasonable adjustments during recruitment and induction
  • recruitment processes audit – this includes a comprehensive review of advertisements, selection processes and interviews
  • specialist consultancy on setting up an internship or placement scheme for autistic candidates
  • recruitment event – guidance on promoting the event to autistic candidates and a
    specialist consultant to facilitate the event
  • lunch and learn session – this is a one-hour introduction to understanding autism in the workplace
  • any combination of our training packages for managers, HR professionals, colleagues and employees
  • workplace assessment for existing or new autistic employees
  • in work consultancy – ongoing support for your autistic employee and their manager and co-workers to ensure any reasonable adjustments are successfully implemented.


Bespoke packages are tailored to your organisation's needs and prices will be quoted on an individual basis. 

For information on arranging consultancy please complete our Training Enquiry Form.