Our specialist training provides professionals with a range of topic-specific options to build on their knowledge and experience in autism.

Who should attend?

  • professionals who are relied on as autism champions, leads or experts in their sector
  • anyone required to demonstrate their improving knowledge base in autism
  • anyone required to maintain or improve their professional qualifications
  • anyone seeking to specialise in the support or topic area
  • anyone who requires an awareness and understanding of autism with a focus specific to their role.


Social Stories

Sexuality, relationships and autism
a one day course exploring sexuality and relationships within the autistic community 

Autism and eating challenges
Understanding and supporting autistic children

Introduction to Structured Teaching based on TEACCH® model
A two-day course delivered by a TEACCH certified Advanced Consultant

Autism and continence
Learning to wee and poo in the right place – common toileting difficulties in autistic children

Our Specialist online training offer

Our online training modules have been uniquely designed and developed by autistic people.

Our Specialist range of online modules and purchasing options:

Autism, sport and physical activity

Women and girls