Our SocialEyes Facilitator training is not currently available as we are in the process of refreshing and updating the training materials and associated CD-ROM resource pack. We do not have a timescale for this work to be complete yet, but will post any updates on our website as soon as they are available.

In the meantime you may find the following weblinks useful:

A two-day course to learn how to facilitate SocialEyes

This course will help you learn how to use the SocialEyes learning resource. SocialEyes is a social skills interaction facilitation programme for autistic young people and adults. The learning resource provides the materials that you will need in order to facilitate your own SocialEyes programme.

The SocialEyes approach

SocialEyes is a well-established approach. It does not ask autistic people to change how they interact or to copy the ‘typical’ behaviour of others. Instead, it’s a solution-focused approach, giving people the option to understand more about other people’s social interaction, and develop strategies to cope with stressful social situations.

The programme is most suitable for autistic adolescents and adults with an Asperger syndrome profile, but it can be adapted for autistic children. It’s delivered in 45 minute to 2 hour sessions over a number of weeks or months, and through a five step process which can be adjusted to individual needs.

The SocialEyes learning resource focuses on eight areas of social interaction that autistic people can have difficulty with, including starting a conversation, eye contact and personal space. More about the SocialEyes learning resource.

How SocialEyes was developed

The programme and materials were developed with autistic people and leading professionals, and have been extensively piloted and re-piloted, with ongoing development and research since 2005. For more information about this, contact training.enquiries@nas.org.uk.

Course content

  • the SocialEyes programme
  • why it is important to support autistic people to develop social understanding
  • how to facilitate the SocialEyes programme using the five-step process
  • using role play to help people practice and explore social scenarios
  • using filmed scenarios to develop social understanding
  • exercises to extend and reinforce the use of social strategies
  • practical guidance in setting up your own SocialEyes programme with individuals or groups
  • how to adjust and personalise the SocialEyes pack to different need and ages (including children)
  • this course will concentrate on exploring one designed module which will lead to understanding of using SocialEyes approach
  • exploring practical ideas and strategies suitable to your own groups and individuals.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to use the SocialEyes programme to support autistic people to develop social skills and social strategies. It is essential for delegates to have experience of supporting autistic people and a good prior understanding of autism.

Why attend?

  • develop an understanding of how the SocialEyes programme supports autistic people with social skills development
  • understand how to use the SocialEyes resource to facilitate your own SocialEyes groups
  • be more confident in using various methods to support autistic people to practice and explore social strategies
  • be aware of how to set up and facilitate your own SocialEyes sessions
  • have the opportunity to ask questions about how to facilitate SocialEyes sessions
  • practical knowledge and feedback about running session, additional resources and ideas which may enhance social skills learning.


In-house training for organisations: £2,700 + VAT (price includes all expenses and training materials for up to 16 delegates)

SocialEyes Learning Resource: £76.66 + VAT (price included CD ROM and DVD Resource Pack)

Training will be provided at a venue of your choice and will be inclusive of:

  • training resources and information provided for each delegate
  • signposting to relevant literature and resources.


We are currently working on updating our SocialEyes Facilitator Training Materials and SocialEyes CD-ROM Resource Pack. We will begin taking bookings for this training once the update is complete. 

To make an enquiry, please call 0300 303 4313 or email training.enquiries@nas.org.uk.

To book or to amend a booking, please call 0300 303 4313 or email training.bookings@nas.org.uk.