Our essential offer covers the theoretical aspects of autism and gives an introduction into how to work with autistic people, enabling participants to begin to empathise and start to consider how to adapt their practice with useful strategies.

Who should attend?

  • anyone seeking a reliable and accessible introduction to autism
  • anyone wishing to consolidate their experience in working with autistic people
  • anyone seeking a refresher into the theory of autism
  • anyone who is seeking to access more advanced topics who has not previously undertaken training in autism.


Understanding the autism spectrum

Understanding and supporting autistic people
An introduction to autism, supportive strategies and the SPELL framework

Our Essential online training offer

Our online training modules have been uniquely designed and developed by autistic people. The cost is £30 per user per module OR £120 per user per set of five modules. Discounts are available for large purchases and members of The National Autistic Society.

Our essential range of online modules includes:

Understanding autism

Autism and communication

Autism and sensory experience

Autism, stress and anxiety

Autism: supporting families