Our enhanced training offers frameworks and practical application of theory into practice, providing an opportunity for participants to explore their practice and the way in which they need to adapt their support to meet the needs of autistic children and adults.

Who should attend?

  • anyone with previous experience and knowledge of the theoretical aspects of autism
  • anyone seeking to enhance their practice in specific topic areas
  • anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of autism and how to relate to people
  • specific professionals with a responsibility to adjust their practice in line with the Equality Act and Autism Act.



The SPELL framework
Supporting autistic people using the SPELL framework

Sensory considerations 

Understanding stress and anxiety in autism and their impact on behaviour 

PDA – strategies for schools

Autism and ageing
Understanding and supporting older autistic adults

Supporting autistic people through social care assessments

Autism and the CJS
An introduction for autism for criminal justice professionals

Autism and SPELL in higher education 
An introduction to autism and the SPELL framework for Higher Education Professionals

Autism and sport 
An introduction to autism and supportive strategies for sports and physical activity leaders

Our Enhanced online training offer

Our online training modules have been uniquely designed and developed by autistic people.

Our Enhanced range of online modules and purchasing options:

Safeguarding children on the autism spectrum (for safeguarding professionals)

Autism and the police service