Group outside a theatre celebrating receiving an Autism Friendly Award


One of the key challenges for autistic people is a lack of understanding of autism. Sometimes it is very simple changes which will make a significant difference to the experience an autistic person might have in your business.

1 in 100 people in the UK are affected by autism and the fundamental principle of the Autism Friendly Award is that through an understanding of autism and the needs of individuals, autistic people can and should be able to enjoy the facilities and experience offered just as any other person can.

For example, Gatwick Airport have provided staff with training so they are aware of the needs of autistic people at the airport. They have also installed a sensory room in the departure area, eased the stress of check in and security through dedicated lanes and provide visual guides to prepare autistic people and their families for the airport experience. By making these changes, autistic visitors are now able to confidently use the airport and enjoy travelling in the same way other people do.

Becoming an autism friendly business does not mean that you have to undergo extensive auditing or a complete overhaul of your systems and processes. Download our Awards Guide [link] to learn more about the process and how you can to become an autism friendly organisation.