Women on train 

Our latest Too Much Information film focuses on the impact unexpected changes can have on autistic people.

Unexpected changes when taking public transport can be overwhelming for autistic people. 79% of autistic people told us they feel socially isolated as, for some, the fear of unexpected changes could mean not even leaving the house.

We want to change that.

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Transport providers, along with the Department for Transport, have the power to make public transport more autism-friendly, benefiting the three million autistic people and their families across the UK.

We want to put pressure on transport providers to make necessary changes – from better training for their staff to reducing excess noise and lighting – but we can only do that with your help.

Many of you have already shared your stories, good and bad, about public transport and we’ll be sharing these with the Department for Transport and with transport providers to help us make the case for more autism-friendly public transport.

By signing our open letter, you will be helping us to make the case to the department and to transport providers as to why autism-friendly transport is so necessary and so important to so many.

Sign the letter