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How long is the award valid for?

The Autism Friendly Award lasts one year and is renewable, based on ongoing assessment by the National Autistic Society team.

Is there a cost associated with the award?

There is a small charge associated with the awarding process. However, some types of organisations are exempt from the charge. This covers our time in assessing and administering the awards programme and is determined based on your organisation’s size and requirements in consultation with you.

What do I receive as an award holder?

You will receive your Autism Friendly Award certificate and frame, window stickers (when in stock), a press release template with a quote from us about your success and a tweet from our @Autism account (which has over 660,000 followers.) Through the consultation process we will work out a package of award support tailored to your nature.

How do you determine what ‘autism friendly’ means?

The award has been designed in conjunction with autistic people. All the criteria and guidance we follow has been designed by and for autistic people and we constantly check that our approach is fit for purpose. We encourage businesses to support reasonable adjustments such as ensuring autistic people are not overwhelmed, have space to relax, provide visual and clear information to outline what to expect as a customer and other support measures such as staff autism awareness training.