Apply to become a member of our Autism Accreditation Assessment Team. Joining us boosts your Continued Professional Development, knowledge of autism best practice and your network.

Our programme is based on a cycle of continuous development and improvement, in which services progress through a self-audit, a volunteer peer review and validation by an independent panel of experienced autism professionals. Find out how to join us.

Assessments take place over one or two days and are undertaken by Accreditation Advisers or a team of peers. The process relies on an experienced peer assessment system to gather evidence of practice and verify support for autistic people in child and adult services.

It enables you to see good, current and sometimes different practice. It also develops new skills within yourself, feeding back to senior management groups, conducting observations and writing review reports.

Benefits of joining our team include

  • valuable opportunities to visit services similar to your own and see the work they do
  • professional discussions with colleagues to share views and extend understanding of autism practice
  • skills and experience gained by undertaking reviews support your Continued Professional Development
  • skills and experience gained by becoming a review team member meet other requirements found in qualifications such as NTCL and Diploma (levels 3-5) in Health and Social Care
  • remuneration of the role you undertake during the assessment
  • invitations to free Autism Accreditation events, both regionally and nationally
  • ongoing access to ‘drop-in’ sessions to refresh knowledge
  • expanding your existing knowledge and experience
  • gaining a more in-depth understanding of the Accreditation process
  • sharing practice and networking with similar organisations.

Participating in reviews provides very beneficial CPD opportunities, building on the theory of courses and conferences by bringing interventions and strategies to life through observation.

In a recent survey of current members of our Assessment Teams, over sixty five per cent stated their reason for joining was to progress their professional development and share practice. In the survey, the top five outcomes for people undertaking review for Autism Accreditation were:

  1. Sharing practice and expertise
  2. Collegiate working
  3. Enhanced their knowledge about positive outcomes for autistic people
  4. Developed their critical and reflective thinking skills
  5. Increased their confidence in the accreditation process as a whole

How do I apply?

An application process is required to become an assessment team member. You can request a full specification of the role and an application form from can also download the person specification and application form below: 

Download team member person specification

Download team member application form

Successful applicants will then be contacted. You will also need to do a DBS check and register on the DBS update system. 

    The synergic accreditation process is inspiring as it provides all team members with the opportunity to apply their expertise and skills in recognizing and acknowledging good autism practice.

    The role involves a process of continued monitoring and development. Moderators will also have the opportunity to progress to other roles within the Assessment Team structure.

    All costs relating to the conducting of a review are covered by the Autism Accreditation department. We also cover a remuneration fee for your time spent out of service.


    Download our Review team leaflet (PDF)