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Transporters DVD

The Transporters Home Pack

Discover the world of emotions


Format: DVD
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The Transporters Home Pack - Discover the world of emotions
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Autism Research Trust

The Transporters Home Pack includes:

- 15 fun five minute episodes, showing key emotions in context;

- 30 entertaining interactive quizzes to reinforce and test understanding;

- 36-page booklet for parents, teachers and carers explaining how to get the most out of The Transporters at home and at school.

The Transporters was developed with the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. It uses animated vehicles with real human faces to help children transfer learning to real life.

Episodes and quizzes are designed to be enjoyed repeatedly. Children love to watch them again and again - and this helps them learn.

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As of July 2014, the Autism Research Trust (charity number 1136737) own The Transporters, associated trademarks and copyright. The NAS are distributing this DVD on behalf of the Autism Research Trust.
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