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Autism at school DVD

Autism at school

A video resource for teachers and parents

Author: Southern Moon Productions


Format: DVD
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Autism at school - A video resource for teachers and parents
Southern Moon Productions
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Southern Moon Productions

For children with autism, school can be a frightening place. Their ability to learn may be severely affected by anxiety and difficulties understanding and communicating with teachers and other students.

In Autism at School, teachers in New Zealand show how they are creating learning environments where children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can thrive. Experts explain how autism can affect learning, and parents talk about the problems and successes they've had dealing with school, including the vital importance of good communication with their child's teachers.

Autism at School features over two hours of edited footage split into sections for easy access by viewers. It includes case studies filmed in primary and secondary school classrooms, advice and tips for teachers and parents, and students talking about their experiences at school.

Autism at School, while filmed in New Zealand, contains valuable advice for teachers and parents internationally.

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