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I'm a teenager...get me out of here!

I'm a teenager... get me out of here!

Author: Carolyn Brock


Format: A4 Paperback
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I'm a teenager... get me out of here!
Carolyn Brock
Published by
The National Autistic Society

When you have a brother or sister with autism, it’s completely natural to feel that life is unfair sometimes, that too much is expected of you. Perhaps you feel you get less attention from your parents than your sibling or you are angry with your parents for not coping better. Maybe you just want more information and to know if there is anyone else out there going through the same things.

The author hopes that this book written especially for teenage siblings of people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will help them to realise that they are not alone and to be honest about their feelings, to understand their siblings better and to know where to look for further help.

Information about autism, advice on how to get on with all the family and ways of coping when things get difficult are presented in a colourful and lively magazine-style format, with real-life stories, question-and-answer sections, a quiz, and a problem page.

Carolyn Brock brings a wealth of experience to this book. She is the mother of three children, including one with an ASD (now all grown up). She is also an SEN teacher and ran autism family support services for many years in Nottingham. Carolyn is the author of My family is different, a workbook for younger siblings (5 to 8 years old) of children with ASDs, also published by The National Autistic Society (NAS).

Talented illustrator, Jess Abbo, has given this book its unique, humorous, edgy and eye catching style.

Download an extract from this book in PDF.

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Full colour, illustrated by Jess Abbo.
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