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Autism card

Card - This person is on the autism spectrum

Author: The National Autistic Society


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Card - This person is on the autism spectrum
The National Autistic Society
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The National Autistic Society

This card has been developed in consultation with people on the autism spectrum and their families. The card can be carried by a parent or carer of a person on the autism spectrum and handed out in difficult situations where they may find communication difficult. Suitable for all age groups.

The card contains the following text:

This person is on the autism spectrum

> Autism is a lifelong disability that affects social and communication skills.

> Autistic people may behave in unpredictable ways as a result of their difficulty in understanding language and social situations.

> Autistic people are likely to be extremely anxious in unfamiliar situations.

> Please help by being understanding, patient and tolerant.

Supplied in packs of 50 credit card-sized cards.

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These are so helpful to us as a family.  I keep one in my wallet and I show it every time I go anywhere my son's difficulties will either present a problem or save us money.  Katie Hamilton, parent, St. Alban's

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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