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Ageing with autism

Ageing with autism

A handbook for care and support professionals

Author: National Autistic Society

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Ageing with autism - A handbook for care and support professionals
National Autistic Society
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The National Autistic Society

The first generation of people diagnosed with autism in childhood are now reaching middle age, and mature adults are being diagnosed for the first time. This handbook is an in-depth guide for support workers – that is, professionals who are working every day with ageing autistic people and their families. Therefore, the book is written for people who are familiar with and have an understanding of autism.

The handbook looks at a number of issues that older people are likely to face, eg physical or mental health problems, change, transition, the death of people in their support network (and therefore bereavement), and possibly terminal illnesses and making their own end-of-life care plans. It suggests ways in which these changes and issues might be managed, with a focus on the older person's quality of life. 

You may also be interested in our FREE ebook on autism and ageing for clinicians and health professionals. Download your copy now by following the 'also available' link further up this page.

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