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  • About autism - explanations, diagnosis, impact, advice and support
  • Community - discussion forum for autistic people, their families and the wider network
  • Research Autism - research, treatments, therapies and services to help autistic people

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Autistic ambassadors
These amazing autistic people have stepped forward to tell their story and raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism.

Autism: a guide for theatres

Some tips for theatre staff on how they can make their performances accessible to autistic people, while still maintaining the magic!

Autism awareness and training

Increasing awareness and understanding of autism.

Team Autism Virtual Fundraising Guide
Team Autism Virtual Fundraising Guide.
How the National Autistic Society can help
How the National Autistic society can help.
Paying in funds or donations for World Autism Awareness Week
How to pay in your World Autism Awareness Week funds.
Join us for World Autism Awareness Week (22 January 2019)

Take part in World Autism Awareness Week this April. Help transform lives and support autistic people and their families!

Stories from the Spectrum: Will Coetzer
Fundraising superstar Will Coetzer on having an autistic son and his London Marathon journey...
Young Campaigners: awareness

The young campaigners have created a stop motion animation to raise awareness of some of the challenges young people face but how the right support can make a huge difference.

Northern Ireland

Autism Accreditation representatives head to Northern Ireland to promote and raise awareness of the Accreditation process.  

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