Tamanna (autistic pupil) in her school uniform 

Tamanna is a young autistic secondary school student. She’s been organising some incredible fundraising activities based around her personal interests, and getting her whole school involved in World Autism Awareness Week.

I realised I really enjoyed cooking since starting a baking club every Friday afternoon. My helper is great at organising fundraising activities, so together we decided to open up my own stall at school called a taste of Tamanna. We’re getting people to come to my stall and pay for their meal, with the proceeds going towards The National Autistic Society during World Autism Awareness Week. My favourite thing to make is macaroni and cheese, although I love tuna pasta bake and cakes, too. I’ve already raised £1,192!

I’m also going to hold a bake sale at school during World Autism Awareness Week, I’ve already challenged everyone to a teacher versus student quiz and have hosted breakfast mornings. I’ve also persuaded my head teacher to do Onesie Wednesday across the whole school - I told him why autism is such an important cause to support and he has agreed to it!

It’s important to me to be so active during World Autism Awareness Week because I am autistic, and I know that while my brain is different to other people’s, I want people around me to understand more about autism and help autistic people to get more support.

I’ve already talked to my school about World Autism Awareness Week during assemblies, giving speeches about my experience of autism and teaching our year 7s about what it means to be autistic. I’m running more assemblies this year too, which I'm really excited about. I’m also getting lots of experience through organising events, speaking in public and learning more about The National Autistic Society.

I even got an award of excellence for my restaurant project – my teacher cried because she saw how happy and proud I was to achieve this for all my hard work!

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