Miral is a mum of two autistic identical twin boys. Miral and her family are taking part in World Autism Awareness Week with our famous, Night Walk event. Read Miral's story about why she's fundraising for us.

"Hi I'm Miral, mum of the amazing Dylan Light year and Tajjy Zoom (originally named Dylan and Taj, self-professed super heroes!). 

"They are 13 year-old identical twins, who definitely have super hero personalities and are autistic. We have decided to complete a Night Walk for Autism this year.

"When our boys were diagnosed it felt like the sky had fallen in, we were all venturing into the unknown, but we have an amazing supportive family.

"We have all in one way shape or form been touched by the work that The National Autistic Society are doing and the growing awareness of autism thanks to their campaigns.

"We still suffer some ignorance but my personal goal as a mother was always to accept and nurture the boys to the best of my ability, whilst educating the rest of the world to do the same.

"They have taught us more about life than we could ever teach them and for this reason we hope to raise as much money as we can to ensure their futures have a chance in this complex world. We shall walk in true warrior style - we are the Autism Warriors!"

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