mum, husband, son and grandad posting for a selfie at the top of a hill "My 9 year old son Ethan was diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the end of 2017, after constant feedback from his school about his behaviour. He's very bright but finds the rules of school a bit of a challenge. We chose to do a walk for our 7k for 700k challenge - not least because we all love walking and also it means we can use Grandad's map reading skills! 

“There is also a more serious motive for doing this challenge. It allows us to spread the word about autism with family and friends and increase their understanding of it in general as well as in the context of their relationship with Ethan.

"Ethan himself is very excited about doing the walk. We are going to walk up Caradoc in the South Shropshire hills, which is about 10km and will be the longest he has done yet. Myself, my husband Simon and my Dad, Keith will be doing the walk on Friday 30 March.

"We aimed to raise £500 and so far have passed the £1,400 mark - it's been very exciting to watch the donations come in. We have even ordered t-shirts to wear on the day spreading the word. I'm hoping this experience not only raises funds for the National Autistic Society but also gives Ethan a massive confidence boost too."

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