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Lindsay, mum to a little boy diagnosed with autism and eager gym goer, told us of how her and her gym buddies got involved with World Autism Awareness Week’s virtual event, 7k for 700k!

What did you do for 7k for 700k?

My friend and I decided to set ourselves the challenge of running 7k a day for 7 days and then asked other friends if they would like to get involved too. We have a great group at our local gym, Zone Fitness Neston, and some pretty incredible people decided to join Liz and I in raising awareness and money.

  • Iain from SFA Coaching and Matthew completed 7 rounds of golf back to back at Heswall Golf Club. They started at 4.30am and finished just after 7pm!
  • Andrew from Viking Fitness decided to row the distance of a marathon, 42k!
  • Sean from Sean Brady Performance lifted 78kg for 77 reps
  • Liz of LLZ fitness and I ran 7k every day for 7 days
  • Charlotte from CA Fitness completed 700 burpees a day for 7 days. However, she didn’t stop at that and rounded it up to 5000! On day 6 she was joined by Dawn Booth and Amy Norman and they smashed it!
  • Nik from Whitfield Business completed 7 x 77 minute workouts, 7 x 7k runs and 7x 7k bike rides!
  • Gayton Primary School all wore an item of blue to school on the last day of term
  • Andrew ran 10k a day for 7 days!

Why did you want to do the 7k challenge?

I got an email from the National Autistic Society about the challenge. I wanted to do something to help raise awareness and make people think about what autism actually is, how it affects people and how their understanding can make a huge difference. 

What did you like about the 7k challenge?

I loved the '7' theme and the inspiration it gave us all to do something around that number.

How did you and your friends raise money?

I set up a Just Giving Page and asked Whitfield Business Hub, the gym I was using, the golf club and a few other places if they could help promote the event locally and put out charity tins. I shared my Just Giving Page giving page on Facebook and tagged everyone involved - the power of social media! 

The headmaster of my son's school also agreed to dedicate the last day of term to autism awareness and they asked the children to come in non-uniform and donate a suggested amount of £1. 

We rounded the whole thing off with a Fun Run at the gym on the last day of World Autism Awareness Week. 

Would you do 7k for 700k again?

Everyone involved would absolutely do this again!

The reason behind all of this is that my son was recently diagnosed with ASD. It has been a steep learning curve but the one thing I have truly learnt since the diagnosis is that if people had a better understanding it would make life that little bit easier along the way. We don’t know what the future will hold but I just want to do everything I can to help others have a better understanding.

Want to challenge yourself like Lindsey and her gym buddies? Sign up now for the 7k for 700k challenge! 

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