Christine, autistic woman and toy photographer

700,000 people in the UK are autistic. Meet Christine, an autistic woman and toy photographer from Hampshire. Diagnosed at age 29, Christine is running her 7k for 700k challenge to raise the profile of autistic women...

What are you doing for the 7k challenge?

I am running 7k at least once during World Autism Awareness Week, from my house to the fire station and back.

What was your inspiration for joining 7k for 700k?

I have wanted to start running for a while and when the 7k for 700k challenge popped up on Facebook, it gave me motivation and a goal to aim for.

Why are you taking part?

Having been recently diagnosed as autistic, I have educated myself a lot about autism, through the process of seeking diagnosis and to “coming out” as autistic via a Facebook post. Many people are not as lucky as I have been, going completely undiagnosed for their entire lives or misdiagnosed with personality, mental or eating disorders. I feel this happens to women especially, because autism presents so differently in females that even some medical professionals still don’t believe that women can be autistic. I am running to raise awareness of how autism is not the same for everyone.

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