Volunteer role: Bristol Out of School Clubs Volunteer

'I wanted to know more about autism and contribute to a better life for kids on the autism spectrum.' Lucia, Out of School Clubs Volunteer

Lucia has volunteered for the last 10 months at our out of school club in Bristol. 

How did you first hear about volunteering at The National Autistic Society?

I found a volunteering vacancy at https://do-it.org/

How long have you been volunteering with us?

I have been volunteering with the National Autistic Society over the past 10 months.

What is your motivation for volunteering with us?

I have previously been volunteering abroad with kids with Down syndrome, and adults with a range of mental issues. I wanted to know more about autism and do something to contribute to a better life for kids on the autism spectrum.

Do you have any connection with autism?


What is your role as a volunteer?

I spend three hours a week in one of Bristol Out of School club. I mainly play with kids, talk to them, help in activities organised by the project leader (eg cooking, playing games, watching movies, decorating t-shirts etc).

What do you like about volunteering with us?

I really like spending time with kids and learning more about them, it is fun and nice having some time to just forget about everything else and support such a good activity organised by the National Autistic Society.

What has been your most enjoyable moment volunteering?

I love playing, it’s just so refreshing!

How has volunteering made a difference to your life?

Volunteering gives me a way to remember who I am, and to help expecting nothing in return. Also, it offers me other ways of seeing the world through the eyes of kids, which I find very valuable.

Will volunteering help your future?


Have you learnt any additional skills from your role?

Waiting while others process information.


Thank you Lucia, and all our volunteers, who offer children on the autism spectrum so many opportunities.

We need more people like Lucia to help us continue to support autistic people and their families. 

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