Volunteer role: Social Media Volunteer

Kamara - volunteer

Kamara volunteered to gain skills and experience in social media marketing and now works at Discovery Networks Europe

What was your role?

I volunteered as a Social Media Volunteer, supporting the Social Media Officer. I was responsible for responding to supporter enquiries sent via Facebook and Twitter. I would either direct them to suitable information on the National Autistic Society's website or to our telephone helpline services depending on the type of enquiry.

What did you learn while working at the National Autistic Society?

I learnt social media marketing and the differences between marketing on social platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also learnt how influential the National Autistic Society is and how they've changed the lives for so many autistic people and their families.

Why did you want to volunteer? 

I wanted to gain skills and experience in social media marketing. Specifically, how to run a campaign, create copy for posts on different social platforms and learn how to generate analytical reports.  

Would you recommend volunteering at the National Autistic Society? 

Yes, I would. It's an amazing organisation, which helps families and supports autistic people. I learnt a lot and the team was lovely.

What did you do next?

I am now working at Discovery Networks Europe as Associate Product Manager, as part of the product team managing the development of the QuestOD website and apps. I am responsible for responding to customer complaints via the app stores and investigating bugs found on the website and apps. I also think of new ways to improve the website and apps based on the feedback from QuestOD users.

Thank you Kamara, and all our other Social Media Volunteers, who are spreading the word about autism and our charity.

We need more people like Kamara to help us continue to support autistic people and their families. 

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