Volunteer role: Content Creator

'I used the skills I built up whilst volunteering to go into a self-employed career. I work for myself and I couldn't love it more.' Connor, Content Creator for the National Autistic Society

Connor was diagnosed aged 18 and he felt the world needed to have a better understanding of autism. So, he started volunteering for the National Autistic Society in 2016 by making films. Connor also feels that by volunteering his confidence has grown, he has had lots new experiences and met some amazing people along the way.

What is your motivation for volunteering with us?

I wanted to be able to make a difference to other autistic people’s lives. As I was not in employment, I wanted to use my time for good and I wanted to build up some skills too. 

I had just came out of a job that I really struggled with and that job had made me feel like I’d never be able to work again. Volunteering with the National Autistic Society showed me that just because I couldn’t cope in a standard job, I could use my skills to make a difference to myself and the world.

What do you like about volunteering with us?

I love being able to make a difference whilst working with people who fully understand my condition. They know how to get the best out of me but also where my limits are.

How has volunteering made a difference to your life?

I used the skills I built up whilst volunteering to go into a self employed career. I work for myself and I couldn’t love it any more. Of course I still volunteer my time to the National Autistic Society whenever it’s needed.

Would you recommend volunteering at our charity to someone else?

Definitely! Not only did it change my life but to know that I was doing good for the world in what I was doing with them is such an incredible feeling!

Volunteering got me started on my career path and I’m sure the skills I’ve learned will continue to do so. I’ve built up a variety of skills from professional to personal. Simple things like phone calling, going on trains and generally how to work well with others.

Thank you Connor, and all our other Content Creators, who are spreading the word about autism.

We need more people like Connor to help us continue to support autistic people and their families. 

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