We asked you to submit short films to help the public understand more about autism, and after an overwhelming response our independent panel of judges have chosen three finalists for the student category.

Watch the student entries below to find out how they have interpreted our competition brief.

Tamsin Parker- Force of Habit

Tamsin’s film is about her personal experiences, her differences from other autistic people as they are represented in the media, as well as her differences from other autistic women as she sees it. It’s about how she discovers and expresses herself through fictional characters (as illustrated by some of her own art).

Nicholas Bayfield - Asperger's Syndrome

Nicholas’ experimental short 'Asperger's Syndrome' was made during his studies at Brighton Film School. It gives an insight into what people with Asperger Syndrome might be going through, and how they see the world.

Emily Marquet - The Power of Words

Emily’s film was designed, written and acted in by autistic, non-verbal young adults who wrote the film to express how it feels to live with their brains. She taught the students a workshop on filmmaking and captured this short film on camera and pieced it together.

The National Autistic Society does not seek to endorse or comment on this particular communication method described in the film, or any other particular approach. Visit our website for more information about communicating and interaction.