Following an overwhelming number of entries to the Autism Uncut film competition, our judges have selected three finalists from the professional category whose films help the public get a greater understanding of autism.

Watch their entries below, and see how each of them have chosen to represent autism in their work.

Josh Brearley - Women and autism

Josh worked at the charity Fixers, with Jenny Brooks who features in this short film, and wanted to show that having Asperger’s syndrome is no reason to put limits on life. The 20-year-old from Leicester - who was diagnosed at the age of 13 - wants others with the condition to understand that they can still achieve great things. Jenny wrote and performed her own script for the 'spoken word' film created with Fixers in which she talks about her own life, and explains some aspects of Asperger's from her point of view. Jenny wanted to show that while living with Asperger’s can have its challenges, it’s part of who she is. We sought to help her challenge misconceptions of the condition and show others who are diagnosed with Asperger’s that they shouldn’t feel ashamed.


Alexander Amelines - Amazing Things Happen


Alexander’s film gives an uplifting introduction to autism for young non-autistic audiences, aiming to raise awareness, understanding and tolerance in future generations.


Thomas Walker - CTRL


Thomas’s short film aims to present the challenges of understanding, accepting and learning through a narrative set in a computer repair shop.