Our panel of judges for the 'Other media' category in our Autism Uncut media awards have decided on their shortlist of three. Neil Ayres, Keith Stuart, John Harris and Dan Bull were looking for the best media outside of our other categories, including online video and computer games, that has helped increase public understanding of autism.

The finalists are:

Pokémon Go

Pokemon-go The free, augmented reality game was released last summer, in a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo. While it is not directly about or involving autistic characters, many autistic people and their families have found it reduces anxiety when travelling and leaving the house, and has helped reduce social isolation.

This BBC article talks about Pokémon Go's impact on an autistic boy.

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Things not to say to an autistic person

What Not to SayLiving with autism can court an endless stream of irksome comments and assumptions. Stuff like 'autistic people are geniuses' - load of old rubbish, for the record. In fact, some are even pants at maths. It's time for people in the know to explain some of the things they'd rather not hear.

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Sara Harvey: Agony Autie

Photo of Agony AutieSara's YouTube channel and persona, 'Agony Autie' shares advice videos through, in her own words, the ramblings of a 30-year-old autistic woman, reaching out to others on the spectrum and their parents, carers and society in general.

Watch one of the videos