Our documentary category judging panel, including Carrie Grant, Laurine (Autistic Flappy Hour) and Shelagh Fogarty have come up with their three finalists. This category is looking for non-fictional representations of autism in TV or radio documentaries. The finalists are:


George The Poet: Stories from the Spectrum

George the Poet and his brother, Kenny Spoken word poet, George the Poet, speaks candidly on a BBC Radio 1 documentary about growing up with his brother, Kenny, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of 7. Together they discuss and explore what it means to be autistic.

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The Autistic Gardner

Autistic-Gardener Alan, an award-winning gardener who is on the autism spectrum, presents this British documentary series, first aired in July 2015 on Channel 4. Together with his team of aspiring gardeners, who are also autistic, Alan transforms people's gardens in just one week, challenging misconceptions about autism and showing how the team flourish in this environment along the way.

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Limpsfield Grange: Girls with Autism

 Limpsfield Grange School, in Surrey, is the only state-run boarding school in Britain to specialise in autistic girls. The documentary follows Kate, Beth and Abigail - three students at the school - over six months to show us what it is like to be both on the autism spectrum and a girl in her teens.

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