On 6 April 2017, the inaugural Autism Uncut film and media awards triumphantly celebrated some fantastic short films, journalism, TV shows and other media.

An award sparkles under the light at BAFTA's Autism Uncut event.The room was abuzz with excited people from all corners of the TV and film industry, from TV producers to journalists, broadcasters, musicians and actors - all eager to understand more about autism and how to take that forward into their own influential work.

With canapés and bubbles in hand, conversations turned straight to excitement for what the evening held, and the various connections in the room to autism or the media industry (or both!). After soaking in the atmosphere, everyone was ushered up to the Princess Anne Theatre for the main event.

Guests enjoying the reception at BAFTA's Autism Uncut event.After a warm welcome from our CEO, Mark Lever, and the first ‘big screen’ showing of the new Too Much Information campaign film, Make it Stop, the awards were well underway.

The ceremony set out to be as autism-friendly as possible – guests had access to a quiet room at all times, and silent applause was fully adopted throughout the evening.

Autism Uncut ceremony.Our amazing autistic compères, Ria Lina and Dean Beadle, kept the night in full flow with their engaging stories, sharp wit and on-stage presence. There were impassioned speeches from Shaun Pulfrey, founder of Tangle Teezer who kindly sponsored the whole event, Geoffrey Robinson QC, and of course our wonderful winners.

A speaker at BAFTA's Autism Uncut awards.

Who were the winners?

After showing all nine of the fantastic Autism Uncut film awards shortlist entries, the winner of each category was announced.

Jenna Kannell won the ‘Aspiring film’ category for her film ‘Bumblebees’.

Nicholas Bayfield and his film ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’ was announced the winner of the ‘Student film’ category.

And the award for the best ‘Professional film’ went to Josh Brearley with ‘Women and Girls’.

Watch the winning and finalist films here

Chairs from our panel of judges continued to announce the winners of our media awards, not without opening up to the audience about their own personal experiences of autism.

Guests enjoying the ceremony at the Autism Uncut awards.The winner of the ‘Best journalism’ award went to Rose Troup Buchanan of Buzzfeed, for her article ‘Where are all the autistic women and girls?’

George the Poet picked up the ‘Best documentary’ award for the BBC Radio 1 broadcast ‘Stories from the Spectrum’.

The cast of The A Word were delighted to win the ‘Best drama’ award.

Sara Harvey claimed her award for ‘Best other media’ for her YouTube channel, Agony Autie.

Guests at the Autism Uncut awards 2017.

Find out more about the winning and shortlisted media entries here.

Finally, our wonderful Alex Marshall and Max Green, the stars of our first two Too Much Information films, came together on stage to present our People’s Choice Award – which you, the public, voted for.

And the winner – with her second award of the evening – was Agony Autie!

Winners at the Autism Uncut awards 2017.

Congratulations to all our worthy winners, and all the finalists whose work was also shown on the big screen that evening.

By the end of the evening, after some delicious food and drink, the room was full of people discussing how they perhaps understood autism a little better now, or how excited they were to see so many autistic perspectives and amazing talent.

If you'd like to watch this year's featured films, all of our shortlisted and winning films are being screened at this year’s Autism Show in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

We want to continue to make an impact like this on representations of autism in culture, so we can work to ensure every autistic person is understood and appreciated.

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