The deadline for both the film competition and media awards was 31 December 2016 - entries to the film competition and nominations for the media awards have both now closed. 

We will be updating the website in early 2017 with more information about the shortlist, our People's Choice Award and the glitzy awards ceremony being held in April at none other than BAFTA! To be kept informed about the Autism Uncut Awards ceremony, sign up here.

Film competition

Our viral Too Much Information campaign film was watched 56 million times worldwide. But now we want to see your experience brought to life on the big screen.

Our film showed just one experience of autism. So we invited aspiring filmmakers, film students and professional filmmakers to create original four minute films to shed light on the real world of autism – uncensored and uncut – to help more people understand autism, the person and what to do. These films could be about anything to do with the world of autism, from how you view autism, to what autism means to you.

The winners will be picked by our esteemed judges, and all the shortlisted films will be shown at a glitzy awards ceremony at BAFTA in London in April 2017.

TV,  journalism and media awards

We’ll also be giving awards to the best journalism, TV documentaries and dramas, plays and other media from 2016. If you've watched or read something that you think has helped improve autism understanding, we've asked you to nominate it. We'll be putting the shortlist for each category to a public vote - more details coming soon. 

Please email with any questions.