a train station worker standing with a young woman

Our latest film in our Too Much Information campaign focuses on the impact unexpected changes can have on autistic people.

Unexpected changes when taking public transport can be overwhelming for autistic people. For some, the fear of unexpected changes could mean not even leaving the house. We want to change that.

We'd love to hear from you

We need your stories to make sure public transport works for autistic people. Your story will be crucial in highlighting just how difficult unexpected changes can make travelling - from diversions and cancellations to noise and crowding – as well as the small things that can be done to make the experience better.

Public transport can be a challenging space for autistic people. Your stories – good and bad – will shape thinking on reducing the overload, helping us to make using transport better for you.

We will be talking to the government and bus and train companies across the country to help them better understand what steps they can take to be more autism-friendly.

Share your public transport experiences