We recently had the pleasure of training Qube Learning, who are passionate about closing the unemployment gap for autistic people. Here’s their take on the experience and their hopes for the future:

The Youth Development department have just completed two days of informative, challenging and incredibly useful training with The National Autistic Society.

This training has been completed as part of the collaboration with The National Autistic Society to help increase the number of autistic people into paid employment. Currently, only 16% of autistic people are in employment with 32% of those in some form of paid employment.

Our goal is to support The National Autistic Society with the traineeship programme and work alongside selected employers who will have an outcome at the end of the programme with either an Apprenticeship or a full-time job.

The team completed two online training modules before the training took place to help gain a better understanding of autism and how it affects different people; these were Understanding Autism and Communication & Autism. The modules certainly helped when it came to the training days as they gave some great pieces of information that the team could elaborate on during the training sessions."