Problem solving and attention to detail are both key skills required in many industries. One particular industry whose awareness around how these talents will benefit their organisation is within Cyber Security.

Within the past year our team have had some really exciting conversations and have been extremely lucky to be invited to be involved with some of the leading Cyber security industry programmes, such as the Cyber security challenge and the CREST annual congress.

This relationship started nearly a year to date with a conversation with Nigel Jones, Chief Executive of IACC. During our initial conversations it became clear that many businesses within the industry are starting to actively recruit autistic people or recognise that they already have a number of autistic employees within their business.

To begin our work with these businesses we hosted a day’s workshop which resulted in specific guidance being produced for IACC’s members.

We were then absolutely delighted to be invited to part of the Neuro Diversity: Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) into Cyber (a specific programme derived from Cyber Security challenge) led by the amazing and extremely motivated lady Stephanie Aldridge. This was truly exciting as it was an opportunity for autistic students to demonstrate their unique skills and abilities for Cyber alongside being able to engage and educate employers.

We were fortunate to be asked to take part in a pod cast with Peter Warren. This was such a great opportunity to discuss and dispel some myths of ‘autistic people as hackers’ and focus autistic people as valuable employees.

Finally, Emma Jones, manager of the employment training team was invited to be a guest speaker on a Q+A panel at the recent CREST annual congress. It was so great to be involved in this a year on from our initial conversations with IACC. It was great to see how the work we have been doing throughout the year has been moving through the industry. We met some amazing people and I am so excited to see how these relationships develop over the next year. Watch this space…